Your Photographer

Jason de Alba
Photographer extra"non"ordinaire

I'm a 70's baby from the San Francisco Bay Area. I don't think I can ever remember not having holes in my cords - that's right, cords. I was always fascinated with art and constantly drawing, painting, and creating. As I hit high school I knew for sure I wanted to go into the creative industry. I was interested in some sort of fusion between the arts and the computer. Lo and behold! At Sacramento State I found this thing called Graphic Design. I jumped in head first. During my experimental college years, my mind was in the shutter and I developed a secret crush on Photography (Sorry Graphic Design!). I began taking courses in Photography and the just-emerging Digital Photography (This was the early 90's after all - Apple Quicktake 100 anyone?).

These days, I'm still that little creative kid with the holes in his pants, just a little taller. Because of my Graphic Design roots, I love the digital workflow and post-production magical effects (the digital darkroom). I'm constantly pushing my creativity and learning. I love to experiment and cross my boundaries. How else are you ever gonna hear the "out of bounds" whistle blown? This is what led me to the creation of Illustrated Sports Photography. A perfect mash-up of Photography and Graphic Design. Two great tastes that taste great together. And it doesn't hurt that I'm a contracted photographer with Aztec Sports Properties, bringing my sports photography experience into the mix. I'm off to play with my camera, until we meet again...

What We Offer

  • 01.

    Amazing Sports Portraiture:
    This isn't your ordinary "take a knee" sports portraiture. We use a style we like to call illustrative (or hyper-real) photography, which gives a distinct stylized look that tells a story. We shoot you (or your child) in the studio against a white backdrop. Then on a separate occasion, we capture the perfect background shot. Then, through the magic of digital manipulation, we fuse the two together. Various techniques and methods are applied to create that stylized impression.

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    Exceptional Service
    We take great care in providing the best experience and professionalism. We love what we do, and we make sure we create a fun experience for everyone. This is your time to be the rock star in front of the camera. We'll cater to your needs. We can even come to your home or sport facility if you can't make it to one of our studios. Once the photos are captured, we continue to be very conscientious and meticulous during the post processing to create that perfect finished product.

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    "Wow, that's Awesome!"
    We guarantee you'll hear those exact words from your friends and family when they see your picture!

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    Great Value

    Your package includes:
    *Studio shoot
    *All digital post-processing work
    *Ready to mount, 3/4 inch Stand-Out Print
    *Jpeg image formatted for Web/Desktop/Screensaver
    *Jpeg image formatted for Facebook Cover Photo
    *Bragging Rights to Friends

    ...with 16 x 24 print, $475
    ...with 12 x 18 print, $450
    ...with  8 x 12 print,  $425

    (Need time to pay? - Enjoy No Payments and No Interest if paid in full in 6 months)